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The built environment has a direct and profound impact on people's lives.

Conversely it is people that make places and buildings great, we generate commercial and economic value.

Drawing upon 40 years of experience, Gerry Hughes Consulting advises on and enables the creation and shaping of beautiful, impactful and sustainable places and buildings with the purpose of having a positive impact on people’s lives and the environment.

Community empowerment, social impact and environmental sustainability pervade our approach:

Partnership, Inter-professional and Inter-organisational Working

Our ethos is partnership working reflecting openness and a deep appreciation of the requirements and challenges facing all participants in place-making – public sector, developers, community and voluntary bodies.


A Strategic Perspective

Success requires strategic thinking across the spectrum of professional services, market sectors and participating bodies to ensure successful and sustainable delivery.


Ensuring Social and Environmental Benefit

Community empowerment, social impact and environmental sustainability pervade our approach.


Harnessing Digital Data and Technology

We harness the full power digital data and technology in setting place strategy, community engagement, the planning and delivery processes. This ensures more efficient working, time saving, enabling creativity and optimising the desired outcomes.


Building Skills and Capability

This philosophy and approach extends to advising and mentoring organisations and leaders – public, private and voluntary – as they engage in improving neighbourhoods and communities and in bringing forward new developments and facilities.